Christmas Coffee Blend


It's the time of year where everything tastes like a warm hug and our Christmas Coffee Blend is no exception!

Our festive brew this year will have you tasting juicy, stewed fruits, subtle spices and a sweet creamy mouthfeel. A mince pie in a mug some would say... 

To do this, we have carefully crafted a blend of two speciality coffees from Honduras to create a taste of Christmas. Our natural processed Honduras brings the sweet, stewed fruits to the frame, a real warming presence. While the honey processed Honduras coffee offers the creamy and rich body. 

The Blend:

- 30% Honey Processed Honduras

- 70% Naturally Processed Honduras 

Enjoy and happy holidays from York Emporium!


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For a long time now, we have been meeting with Martin, of Agri Evolve, who works together with his son, Jonny and smallholder coffee farmers in Rwenzori near to the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda. Jonny, based in Uganda and Martin, based right here in Yorkshire, are focusing on producing and improving great quality coffee crops to bring about sustainable development within the local community in Rwenzori, Uganda.


We're really excited to confirm a partnership with Agri Evolve, to help the continued support and success of this amazing project. Not to mention to roast some delicious coffee - taking local coffee supply to the next level.



Coroico is situated just 1.5 hours away from La Paz (the capital and highest city) and the Altiplano, but it has a completely different climate and vegetation. At an altitude of 1700 metres, in this area of the Northern Yungas, vegetation is abundant, its bio diversity is beautiful and the climate is warm during the day and cold and foggy during the night and early morning. Coroico was a very important coffee region in the 90s but now only a handful of families continue to produce coffee here.

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