Discover our loose leaf tea and biodegradable pyramid tea bags sourced from Birchall and The Metropolitan Tea Company, whose passion is to provide the finest loose tea, premium tea pyramids and accessories from around the globe.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional tea or wanting to discover a new herbal tea, we will have something that takes your fancy! Explore our large and varied selection of superb loose leaf tea, and pyramid tea bag including Assam tea and Earl Grey tea as well our the perfect Breakfast tea - York Emporium Breakfast Tea.

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Loose leaf tea & pyramid teabags

Great coffee needs great tea by its side. It’s only right to treat them equally and that’s what we’re here for. As Coffee Roasters & Tea Specialists - we simply believe that every single person deserves a great quality, tasty brew!

Like with coffee, tea goes through the same methodical, carefully considered processing at source and our aim is to bring you carefully crafted blends - hand packed, here in York - paying respect to the producers.

What’s more, we’ve made it our aim to make sure that our tea always tastes the best it possibly can, and that it’s environmentally friendly. All of our York Emporium pyramid tea bags are biodegradable. All of our teas are made with natural ingredients from the whole leaves, to the berries, flowers & flavourings. You’ll find no artificial flavourings or additives near our tea!