Heavy French Roast Coffee


Love a French style roasted coffee? We have the ideal coffee for you.

This coffee comes with a gentle warning: described as a brute of a coffee and not for the fainthearted, it is heavy by name and heavy by nature.

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam in 1857 by the French and the country slowly grew as producer of coffee in Asia. Vietnam is now the second largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil, accounting for 14.3% of the world market share.  The North of the country has a climate of cold winters and showers particularly suited to Arabica cultivation. Large quantities of Robusta are grown in the tropical south of the country for the instant coffee and blending markets.


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Dark Chocolate


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Our coffees are ethically sourced from green coffee buyers who are committed to excellent coffee, excellent standards and paying their farmers an excellent price. We source, roast, blend and pack the coffee ourselves, to ensure that the coffee makes as few journeys as possible once it has left the farm.

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