How to Make the Perfect AeroPress

The Coffee

The AeroPress is fantastic at picking out delicate flavours in coffee, especially more fruity or creamy tones. The type of drink an AeroPress produces is unique - the best way to describe it is as a cross between an Americano and a filter coffee. It does not have the depth of an Americano, nor does it have the metallic bitterness often associated with a filter coffee. It instead produces a clean, refreshing brew, which can be drunk either as a short strong drink (espresso-style), Americano (topped up with a little hot water) or added to milk (like a Café con leche). To be honest however, the only way to describe the coffee made is as an AeroPressed coffee.

The grind required for an AeroPress can vary depending on the style of drink you are making, but for me, the ideal grind is halfway between espresso and filter (10 on a Santos Grinder). This is how we will grind it when you request an AeroPress grind on this website.

As with all other brew methods – freshness is crucial to the quality of the beverage!

Recommended Coffees:

Check out our AeroPress Selection pack. We've compiled five fantastic coffees that we feel are ideal for the AeroPress.

The Brew

  1. Place filter on base of AeroPress.
  2. Scoop ground coffee using the scoop provided into bottom of AeroPress as per instructions and place on cup.
  3. Pour just off boil water onto coffee and stir for 20 seconds. Watch as the coffee mixes to produce a golden, thick layer on the surface.
  4. Moisten rubber on top of AeroPress, and place into bottom sheath, pushing slowly down.
  5. Keep slow, gentle pressure for 25 seconds until all water has been pressed through.
  6. Remove AeroPress, push coffee into bin and rinse clean.
  7. Top coffee up with water or milk to taste and drink!

The Vessel

An AeroPress is simple to use, and requires only a kettle, the AeroPress itself, a cup and the filter papers. Filter papers are available to purchase from our store.

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