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Many of our coffees come in sacks with lovely images printed onto the hessian. Others are minimally printed, offering plain pieces of this natural, recyclable fabric. There are many uses they can be put to, including framing to produce a piece of art work with a difference, for yourself or a coffee-loving friend.

Creative people take your chances with a lucky dip. Tell us what you need your sack(s) for and we'll find a suitable one. (Not all sacks are suitable for all purposes). Upholstery, bags, scarecrows (yes!), framing, book-covering, Christmas decorations, Wedding favours... The list is endless - just check Pinterest.

Please note that due to shipping limitations, only three sacks can be purchased at once. If you would like to purchase more than three please contact us at the Roastery, either by email: sales@yorkcoffeeemporium.co.uk or phone: 01904 799399.

Also contact us if you want to pick up sacks from the roastery for gardening or school sport's day as suitable ones for such uses are less lovely and only cost £1.

Please note: the Australian Skybury coffee sack is for illustrative purposes only, and is not available.



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