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Our Iced Espresso Coffee Guide

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Iced Espresso

For all of you coffee lovers out there that have a home espresso machine, this is the one for you! Tasty and quick iced espresso coffee, perfect as an after-dinner treat this summer.

An iced espresso involves ‘extracting’ a standard espresso into a shot glass over two or three ice cubes. The normal rules for coffee extraction apply here.
Our samples were made on a commercial espresso machine - please follow your own personal taste and home espresso machine experience to get a delicious taste.

Our Iced Espresso Guide

What you'll need:

  1. For a double shot, 15-16g coffee in, 50-55ml of coffee out, extraction time 24-28 seconds.
  2. For single origin coffees you may wish to increase the dose slightly to 18g, then also cut short the extraction time at 25 seconds.
  3. For a more zingy acidic taste, try a ristretto. This is the same as step 1. but you need to stop the extraction after 18 seconds giving you approx. 35-40ml of coffee.
  4. If you fancy an extra special drink, try this with a ‘short’ or you could even add some cream or ice cream…