Our Cold Brew Coffee Guide

Summertime at the Roastery means one thing - COLD COFFEE!

Cold Brew Coffee

'Cold Brew' is one of the most recent cold coffee methods. It involves brewing your coffee of choice in a vessel, usually a cafetiere, with cold water for over 12 hours.

The best thing about cold brew coffee is the clear, sweet & refreshing taste that can be achieved. When coffee is brewed with cold water it doesn't deliver the same flavour compounds as hot.

With cold brewed coffee you'll enjoy a much smoother drink with lovely sweetness, moving away from the acidity & bitterness of a hot brew.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Guide

  1. The ratio of coffee grounds to water is subjective and depends on personal taste. A good place to start is to grind 30g for our 3 cup cafetieres (they hold 350ml) and 68g for the 6 cup cafetieres (which hold 800ml).
  2. Next, grind the beans very coarsely - we mean it. A smaller grind will result in cloudy coffee and nobody wants that.
  3. Pour the coffee into the cafetiere and gradually add the cold water. Stir gently to ensure all the coffee grounds are moistened, from there all you need to do is place the top on (but don’t press down on the plunger).
  4. Allow your brew to stand at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Don’t rush this part. The long steep time is important for proper extraction - we like to go for a 24 hour extraction.
  5. Then comes the fun part, simply press down on the plunger to move the coffee grounds to the bottom. Pour & enjoy!


cold brew cafetiere