Coffee Origins 02 - Brazil

Brazil - The worlds largest coffee producers with over a third of the market to their name! 

The largest coffee producing farm in Brazil? 1.2 million hectares.  (Considering the whole of YORKSHIRE is 1.9 million hectares) - It's pretty big!

Brazil is a hugely popular origin of coffee right across the globe. You'll find yourself drinking Brazilian coffee wherever you go - even if you don't realise it!

Most of Brazil's coffee is grown in the region of 800 - 1200 MASL. With medium altitude growth, this gives Brazilian coffee a sweet and smooth, chocolatey and nutty flavour profile - perfect for a darker roast and blends!

You will find Brazilian coffee in most large roasters' blends - the majority of espresso is based on it. It gives the espresso a good body, and the chocolate undertones are a part of espressos' staple recipe.

 How should you drink Brazilian coffee?

'Brazilian coffee' is almost meaningless. With Brazil being such a large country, supplying 33% of the world, they offer so many different varieties. One thing is for sure - Brazil has a coffee for EVERYONE.

The most common varietals of coffee found in Brazil;

  • Bourbon
  • Catuaí
  • Acaiá
  • Mundo Novo

Bourbon beans are known for their deep buttery chocolate flavours, as well as their sweetness and very light fruit overtones -  Aeropress recommended. Get a FREE bag of Brazil Chocolate with your Aeropress HERE

Catuaí is a medium bodied coffee touched by a smooth & sweet finish. You may also pick up on some chocolate, honey, almond and other warm spices if you're a connoisseur - Aeropress Recommended

Acaiá beans have a very dark, earthy & almost 'bitter' taste to them. If you like your coffee strong, Acaia is the variety for you! Cafetiere or espresso recommended.

Mundo Novo is a little complex. With Natural processing the Mundo Novo presents notes of caramel, dark chocolate, pepper along with a couple floral or acidic flavours. However the Honey process (pulped natural) will display flavours of apple, cinnamon, dark chocolate and caramel. We recommend V60 (for clarity in flavour) for pulped natural, otherwise espresso or AeropressYou can grab yourself a V60 HERE

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