El Salvador Black Honey Coffee


Fan of delicious, flavoursome but easy drinking coffees? This coffee is right up your street!

Treat your taste buds to a unique and delicious flavour experience with our fresh El Salvador Black Honey Coffee.

This coffee perfectly balances rich, bold flavour with a smooth, sweet finish for the ultimate coffee-drinking pleasure. 

The Coffee

This is a classic El Salvador coffee, with a soft acidity and mild flavours. You can expect juicy red berry & notes of dates, with a sticky caramel body

The Process - Washed Black Honey 

Finca Santa Petrona is well-known for its black honey as well as natural
processed lots. Honey processing, in general, emphasises the sweetness
of the bean and is distinguished on three levels: black, red, and white. The
colours correspond to the quantity of cherry left on the bean during the
drying process.

The more fruit remaining, the sweeter and more fruit-
driven the profile in the cup. Black honey has the most cherry remaining
on the bean.

The Farm -  Santa Petrona

Owned and run by Federico Pacas Lopez, family run since 1927,  Finca Santa Petrona (La Montañita, Santa Ana region), covers an area of 17.5 hectares, at a height of 1,400-1,600 M.A.S.L.


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Flavour Notes


Red Berry



El Salvador, La Montañita, Santa Ana


La Montañita, Santa Ana


1200-1400 MASL


Washed Black Honey


Red Bourbon


Federico Pacas Lopez


Petrona Palacios de Díaz purchased this wonderful tract of land in 1927 with the intention of planting bourbon coffee trees. It was inherited by her daughter, Petrona Díaz de Pacas, in 1950, who four years later planted the first Pacas trees in the “Pacas Viejo” lot. Petrona divided the land into three sections when she was ready to retire from coffee production. She had one for each of her sons. Federico Pacas Díaz became the proprietor of Finca Santa Petrona in this manner. Since 2012, his only son, Federico Pacas Lopez, has maintained the farm, which consists of 11 lots. The Parras System is utilised on all bourbon trees on this farm, with branches stretched as horizontally as possible.

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