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The AeroPress Vs Impress Coffee Brewer

Getting the latest top of the line, easy and almost coffee shop standard home brewer seemed like a no brainer when the Aerobie AeroPress burst onto the scene. People couldn't stop tweeting about it, Instagramming it in black and white and posting videos of their latest brew idea (heck there is even an AeroPress World Championships!). All was well for a short while UNTIL... *****the Impress coffee brewer was born****. The Impress coffee brewer originally appeared on a Kickstarter campaign and the genius behind this brewer spoke out for itself. The campaign achieved a whopping £50,000 funding from a selection of keen coffee loving backers. People invested in the potential behind this totally portable mug-meets-cafetiere coffee brewer and it does not disappoint. The Impress coffee brewer is now as popular as the AeroPress and similarly people can’t stop talking about it too! But what’s the difference, which one is better?!

Here at York Coffee Emporium we stock both these products and you, our customers LOVE THEM. If you’ve already tried either the AeroPress or Impress then perhaps it's got you wondering whether you made the right choice, people can’t stop talking about the other one - well what the heck are you missing? Perhaps you’re in the market for a new brewer and you’re frantically googling for AeroPress video reviews and Impress video reviews, well then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a video including both the AeroPress and Impress. We detail how they work and rate them on ease of use, taste of brew and overall style all in one handy video. Click below to give it a watch. We hope this video helps you make the life-changing decision that could take you away from instant coffee FOREVER.

Oh and don’t forget, should we sway you into choosing an AeroPress or Impress, if you buy from us you’ll get a FREE bag of coffee thrown in to get you brewing right away.


The AeroPress


Excellent! Gave the Aeropress a tryout and found the coffee was superb flavourwise. It was quick and easy to use and very easy to clean too. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys good coffee without wanting the hassle of an expensive coffee maker.

 - Brian

Brilliant - just buy one! What a great find ... simple and effective, built to last, it does exactly what it is supposed to without any mess or faffery. Worth experimenting with the Aeropress Selection pack to find a favourite. Buy one, now! You know you want to.

- Steven

Superb piece of kit. What a fantastic, quick, easy and incredibly smooth coffee this makes. So quick to clean. Highly recommended.

 - Ryan


The Impress Brewer


Impress impresses! 5 stars - great for a flavourful pressed coffee, simple to use, keeps coffee hot, portable, easy to clean. So good I ordered a second one immediately. Highly recommended. Particularly useful when away in our small motor home, where space is at a premium.

- Yvonne

Easy and great taste. If you want a simple home method for making coffee on the go or at home then I think this gives a much better taste that a cafetiere. It keeps things warmer for camping as well so a great all rounder. I have used it for loose tea as well and it works a treat. It would also make a good mug for any hot or cold drink I think. 

- John

At one with coffee.. again! It's brilliant, what more can I say? It does what it said it would and does it perfectly. My coffee is ready in short order and hot for a long time, yes there are cheaper methods and easier (refer to chain coffee shops) but personally for me I wouldn't go back now I have a choice of beans and flavours. So for me the long and short of it is, why did I wait so long to find it? I'll be ordering another shortly for my better half. Don't wait order one now!

- Gareth