Berry Berry Herb & Fruit Tea


This is a full-flavoured tea with deep berry notes. The cup is deep burgundy red, oozing strength and character. This decaf, loose-leaf tea gives a refreshing, healthy drink without caffeine and is delicious either hot or cold.

This caffeine-free fruit and herb tea contains a blend of dried fruits and herbs including luxury hibiscus, elderberries, dried black and red currants.

Each biodegradable, silk tea bag contains 2.5g of the same grade and quality tea as the loose leaf. The pyramid shape enables optimum infusion.



Hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip shells, citrus peel, raspberry pieces 



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Our speciality loose leaf teas are selected from the best estates from around the world to suit all manner of tastes. We are a UK distributor for Birchall and Metropolitan Tea, Tea merchants with direct trade links to tea producing areas with over 50 years blending experience.

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