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Our Japanese Iced Coffee Guide

What is Japanese iced coffee and how do I make it, we hear you say!

Japanese iced coffee is commonly made by the cup with a pour-over like a Hario V60 & Chemex pour-over.

It's our favourite cold coffee method and we brew using the V60 02 dripper with the Hario Server.

Iced brew methods extract coffee with hot water but then use ice to ‘freeze’ the flavours in the brew. This prevents oxidation of the coffee, which can develop unpleasant bitter or dry flavours as hot coffee cools in the cup or pot.

We followed the standard steps of a pour-over with one exception: we replaced half our brewing water with ice.

For example, if you typically brew with 400g of hot water to 28g of coffee, you’d replace 200g of that water with ice, and brew directly on top of that.

Here's a guide by Peter Giuliano, one of the men behind the Japanese Iced Coffee revolution. 
*Instructions in ounces.

How to Make Japanese Iced Coffee from Counter Culture Coffee on Vimeo.