The Four Gates Coffee Blend


Introducing something new but yet so familiar... The Four Gates Blend (formerly The Four Bean Blend).

A long time classic of York Emporium and a customer favourite, the Four Bean blend has been renamed 'The Four Gates' Blend in honour of Yorks & the York Walls famous Four Gates: Bootham Gate, Micklegate, Monkgate &  Walmgate.

The Four Gates stand at the North, South, East & West of our wonderful medieval walled city and are fortified entrance points to the city of York. Each gate has their own marvellous history stretching back 100's of years, which you can find more about here!

Just like the Four Gates of York, this blend has stood the test of time and is strong & robust but with an undeniable charm. Our Four Gates Blend has been crafted to produce a creamy, smooth & strong coffee. This blend is a classic example of different coffees blending together in harmony to create a well balanced flavour.

The Four Gates blend is one our go to espresso blends due to its smooth but punchy flavour and it works perfectly with milk.

The Four Gates blend comprises of:

  • Brazilian for chocolate sweetness
  • Colombian for caramel notes
  • Honduras for nutty tones
  • Vietnam for a hint of spice. 

  • This blend is ideal for an early morning pick me up!

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