Mexican Siltepec El Jaguar Coffee


Mexican coffees sometimes have a reputation for being rather plain - but this is not so with Siltepec El Jaguar, which is delicious and more-ish. With a stunning flavour note combination of dark chocolate, brown sugar and spiced apple, we think that this gem is perfect for starting your journey into the world of coffee or even for getting ready for the summer holiday season.


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Dark Chocolate

Spiced Apple



This coffee comes from a group of small producers. Siltepec is a strictly high grown Coffee. Harvested and processed by small producers under traditional farming methods, shade grown coffee, craft de-pulped, fermented, washed and sundried.


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Our coffees are ethically sourced from green coffee buyers who are committed to excellent coffee, excellent standards and paying their farmers an excellent price. We source, roast, blend and pack the coffee ourselves, to ensure that the coffee makes as few journeys as possible once it has left the farm.

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