Matcha Tea Set


Our contemporary Japanese style Matcha Tea Set is complete with Matcha tea, a Kinto tea cup and a 100% sustainable and biodegradable bamboo chasen (whisk) and ceremonial spoon.

According to research, each serving of Matcha is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea. Why? When you drink Matcha you consume the entire leaf. This means you enjoy 100% of the nutrient value present in the tea.

Our delicious Japanese Green Tea has a jammy-like smoothness, with a very satisfying cup - giving you the perfect balance of umami and sweetness.

Our Matcha Tea Set includes:

  • - Ecobam Bamboo Chasen (whisk)
  • - Ecobam Ceremonial Bamboo spoon
  • - 200ml Kinto tea cup mixing glass (heat-resistant/dishwasher & microwave safe)
  • - 50g of Izu Matcha Green Tea


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