Honduras San Isidro Natural Process


We've gone au naturel with our latest Honduran coffee. This naturally processed & organic Honduran coffee is great for those who love a rich bodied coffee with subtle & balanced flavours.

The Coffee 

With a classic rich Honduran dark chocolate & nutty hazelnut body, the natural process adds crisp notes of sweet blackcurrants which compliment each other brilliantly to create a well balanced easy drinker.


The Farm - San Isidro

Francis Arturo Romero Melgar is the owner of the farm San Isidro III, which is located at 1200masl in the Colque area of Corquin, Copan. Francis has a small amount of Catuai, but the majority of the 5 and a half hectares of land is planted with Lempira and IHCAFE90.

With the help of Falcon and Arucos micro-lot project Francis was able to focus on cherry selection and sugar content in order to determine the right shade of red to pick the cherries, and add value through meticulous processing. Francis managed to produce an outstanding natural with plenty of complexity and delicate acidity and saw a considerable increase in the quality of his coffee. 

The Process - Natural

All the processing for the ML’s takes place at the Aruco mill to centralise and have greater control over the process to create consistent procedures but also to reduce the risk on the producer. The mill is also at 800masl which gives a drier more stable climate to dry the coffee compared to up at the farms where the weather can be less predictable.

The coffee will be delivered to the mill where they assess the cherry (take Brix) and decide on the process for the coffees depending on space and what the producer has done already. The cherry is cleaned and washed and then floated to remove any immatures.

 The coffee is then taken to the beds where it is dried for between 20 -30 days weather depending. It is turned hourly in the day whilst drying.


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Dark Chocolate





Honduras is a Central American country with Caribbean Sea coastlines to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. In the tropical rainforest near Guatemala, the ancient Mayan ceremonial site Copán has stone-carved hieroglyphics and stelae, tall stone monuments


San Isidro Farm, Copan


1200 MASL




Catuai, Lempira & IHCAFE90


Francis Melgar

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