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Guatemala Nueva

A prime example of a naturally processed Guatemalan coffee. Expect blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant and hibiscus – lots of dark berry flavours balancing well with cocoa powder mouthfeel for a creamy, rounded coffee.

Origin: Guatemala

Producer: Fedecocagua

Farm: Cooperativa Agrícola Integral La Nueva Era, R.L.

Region: Fraijanes Plateau

Varietal: Catuai, Marsellesa, Pache, Sarchimor

Altitude: 1000 - 1080m

Process: Natural

Harvest Period: November - March

Flavour: Blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, hibiscus

Farmers and Community:

Cooperativa Agrícola Integral La Nueva Era, R.L. is located in the village of Jumaytepeque, near Nueva Santa Rosa city. Falling under the Fraijanes Plateau type coffees, a higher potassium level in the soil tends to bring extra body to these coffees. Fraijanes is it’s own distinct region and actually one of the first areas to grow coffee in Guatemala.

The coffee delivered to the Nueva Era Natural annex is grown solely by Finca Tololoche. The farm is owned and run by a three generation family: Jamie Sanchez, his father Don Fernando and son Fernando. The farm is located on Jumaytepeque, a mountain overlooking the cooperative, and is 50 hectares in size.


Natural Process.

For the natural processed coffee, time under the sun is affected by the altitude. Farmers drying their cherries at a beneficio around 1000masl find it will take 10 to 12 days for the coffee to be ready; those with higher altitude facilities can expect an extra 5 days for the correct drying to be reached


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Guatemala is one of the worlds top coffee origins and the eighth largest producer. This relatively small country boasts the most climatically diverse regions in the world. The soil, rainfall, humidity, altitude, and temperature are varied enough to produce seven distinct types of Guatemala Arabica coffee which are well-known and highly rated.


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Our coffees are ethically sourced from green coffee buyers who are committed to excellent coffee, excellent standards and paying their farmers an excellent price. We source, roast, blend and pack the coffee ourselves, to ensure that the coffee makes as few journeys as possible once it has left the farm.

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