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FAEMA E91 Ambassador SE (Special Edition) is the new version of a machine which has become synonymous with elegance and quality all over the world. The machine is available in 2 and 3-group models.

The control panel graphics, the evident FAEMA logo, the ergonomic filter-holder handles and the wide cup shelf are characteristic elements in E91 design, which is enriched by the use of stainless steel to guarantee sturdiness and hygiene.

The excellent in-the-cup result is assured by the adjustable thermal balancing system (FAEMA patented), thanks to which the temperature of each group can be easily set according to the type of coffee used. Furthermore, the hot water mixing system improves the water quality and allows significant energy-saving.

The automatic models can be equipped with the Auto-Steam (FAEMA patented), a steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam and air thus allowing the hands-free frothing of large quantities of milk without manual intervention. Thanks to a heat sensor, the delivery of steam and air stops automatically when the programmed temperature is achieved, resulting in perfectly frothed milk with consistently dense and velvety.


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