Indian Gems of Araku Coffee



The Gems of Araku - No this isn't the latest Indiana Jones epic, it's an equally exciting coffee from India. 

Indian Speciality coffee is not everyones first choice, however this is not due to any lack of quality as this coffee has impressed the team tremendously at York Emporium.  We are very pleased to have this Gem on board!

The Coffee

These little Gems have are Washed beans and are bursting juiciness, a sweet chocolatey body is complimented nicely by a buttery mouthfeel. The clincher in why we enjoy this coffee thoroughly is the delicate coconut finish, reminiscent of a macaroon. 

The Farm

Coffee was introduced to Araku in the early 1900’s from neighbouring Pamuleru Valley, and in 2007, Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society (SAMTFMACS), a coffee farmer cooperative formed with assistance from The Naandi Foundation, was formed to push the coffee production there even further.

Araku farmers have decentralised small and scattered plots averaging 1-2 acres per family, and are subsistence farmers, balancing cash crops such as pepper, turmeric, and ginger with coffee production. 


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