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We are delighted to have a new El Salvador Coffee to add to our range. As a central American, this coffee has been traditonally Fully Washed to create a clean cup with a sharp acidity. Brilliant if you are seeking a coffee to leave a lingering taste!

The Coffee

This coffee will provide a sharp Green Apple and Plum acidity that is sure to linger for a long time. The acidity is mellowed somewhat by a sticky toffee mouthfeel and sweetness, which helps to reign in some of that sharp acidity 

The Farm

This coffee has been produced by the farmers at Finca El Inginio, within the famous El Salvador coffee producing Urrutias Estate. The estate was established in 1875 and been placed in the finals of the Coffee Cup of excellence awards an impressive 7 times in its long and prolific history. 

Grown in the shady volcanic mountains of the region, this coffee comes from a Rainforest Certified area, meaning great care is taken during production to reduce the impact on the natural environment.


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