Colombian El Manantial


The Return of the Colombian... 

It's back and tastier than ever, our latest Colombian Speciality coffee, the Colombian El Manantial is a real treat and a prime example of why Colombian coffees are held in such high regard.

The Coffee

This coffee makes for an excellent breakfast brew which will help to get your day off to a bright start! It's smooth Chocolate & Vanilla body is supplemented by a medley of rich fruity Red Berry and Strawberry notes, making it the perfect remedy for those long mornings ahead.

The Process

As with all coffees the process is very influential in determining the how the coffee will end up tasting. The El Manantial has been fermented for 29 hours in a sealed tank, and then laid out in a Parabolica tunnel to be naturally sun-dried. This process enhances the natural sweet flavours of the coffee.

The Farm

This coffee has been sourced from an amazing green coffee producer, the El Manantial Farm. Jasbleidy, who owns the farm, belongs to a expanding community of Lady farmers in the region. She is very passionate her about the quality of her produce and working together with her family, they have track record of producing some excellent coffees.

The El Manantial farm is located in the Tolima province of Colombia. The farm at an altitude of 2000 M.A.S.L  comprises 3 hectares of wonderful volcanic soils, these soils enhance the production of some very special coffees. Importantly, the farm is Maya Organically Certified. 




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Flavour Notes


Red Berry




Colombia, Tolima


Montalvo, Tolima


2000 MASL


Natural, Sun-Dried


Caturra, F8 Colombia, San Bernado, Castilla


Jasbleidy Vaquiro (Lady farmer)


Fair & Sustainable

Our Coffee

Our coffees are ethically sourced from green coffee buyers who are committed to excellent coffee, excellent standards and paying their farmers an excellent price. We source, roast, blend and pack the coffee ourselves, to ensure that the coffee makes as few journeys as possible once it has left the farm.

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